We frequently get questions asked by our customers, so we decided to answer some of those here.

Q: How do I store the pretzel leftovers?
The best way to keep the pretzels for more than one day is to wrap them in foil, place in a tightly closed plastic bag and freeze them immediately.   Our pretzels contain no preservatives, fat, or dairy products so you only have 24 hours from the time you buy them until you either eat em or freeze them or they will start to get hard!
Q: How should I re-heat pretzels?
Most people prefer to put them in the microwave for a softer chewier pretzel, 15-20 seconds for an Original Pretzel.  If you like your pretzel more crisp on the outside, the toaster oven works great or for larger quantities of pretzels  you can put them in a conventional oven for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.